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Date Race Rider Place
Oct 15 John Bryan CX Sam Janes 33
Oct 08 Brookside CX Cup Sam Janes 48
Sep 24 CES Cross Race Mike Johnson 19
Sep 24 CES Cross Race Bob Weaver 20
Sep 03 Newmark Crit #2 David Rose 3

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Race Report for Newmark Crit #2 by Brendan Canty, September 03, 2017

40+/50+ Masters Small field of 20, evenly split between the two age groups. And two teams made up half the race. All this meant was that the 60 minute race was tough, the two represented teams sent guys up the road relentlessly. Most of them were not significant threats, but you still had to chase, because if you didn't then they would be able to stay away. There were enough sting independent riders that no break was actually able to form. I did a boatload of work, but only when needed to pull things back. Failed on numerous attempts to get/join a break. Took 5th in the sprint. 2/3's Lined up about an hour later with a David in another small field of 20 for 60 minutes of fun. About half were fresh legs and the rest had raced the Masters. Was pretty aggressive from the start. About 20 minutes a good looking break formed. I was able to bridge up to it before it got too far up the road, was joined shortly by a couple others including David. Not sure how many we started with, but we were a solid seven guys, two of which, myself included, were on our second race. The break was not that smooth, but we were able to turn ourselves into the race, it seems the rest of the field exploded behind us into small groups. Unfortunately, with seven laps to go my legs deserted me and I was dropped. Worked hard to try to stay a way, but the group of six caught me on the last lap. Unfortunately, two lapped guys had grabbed the back of our group earlier and they were still hanging on. Which meant I went from a certain 7th and last money spot to 9th. Ah well. David did well and took 3rd. What sucks is the officials messed up the lap timing and we actually raced for 68 minutes. Oh well, better legs would have meant I didn't need any excuses!

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